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Embassies of Iran

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Jul 24th, 2011
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Iran embassies in other countries:


Here is the list of Iran consulates or embassies that you can apply for the visa to Iran or collect your visas.

  • Afghanistan: Kabul
  • Albania: Tirana
  • Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • Armenia: Yerevan
  • Australia: Canberra
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Azerbaijan: Baku
  • Bahrain: Manama
  • Bangladesh: Dhaka
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Belgique: Bruxelles
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo
  • Brazil: Brasilia
  • Bulgaria: Sofia
  • Canada: Ottawa
  • Colombia: Bogota’
  • Croatia: Zagreb
  • Cyprus: Nicosia
  • Czech Republic: Prague
  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Egypt: Iran’s interest section head: Cairo
  • Ethiopia: Adiss Ababa
  • Kingdom of Spain: Madrid
  • Finland: Helsinki
  • France: Paris
  • Germany: Berlin / Frankfurt / Hamburg
  • Ghana: Accra
  • Greece: Athens
  • Guinea: Conakry
  • Hungry: Budapest
  • India: New Delhi / Bombay / Hyderabad
  • Ivory Coast: Abidjan
  • Indonesia: Jakarta
  • Ireland: Dublin
  • Iraq: Baghdad
  • Italy: Rome/ Milan
  • Japan: Tokyo
  • Kingdom of Hashemi Jurdan: Amman
  • Kazakhstan: Almaty
  • Kenya: Nairobi
  • Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek
  • Kuwait: Kuwait
  • Lebanon: Beirut
  • Libya: Tripoli
  • Madagascar: Antananarivo
  • Malaysia: Kuala Lampur
  • Macedonia: Skopje
  • Mali: Bamako
  • Maroc: Rabat
  • Mexico: Mexico City
  • New Zealand: Wellington
  • Niger: Niamey
  • North Korea: Pyongyang
  • Norway: Oslo
  • Oman Kingdom: Muscat
  • Pakistan: Islamabad / Peshawar / Karachi / Lahore / Quetta
  • Philippines: Manila
  • Poland: Warsaw
  • Portugal: Lisbon
  • Qatar: Doha
  • Romani: Bucharest
  • Russia: Astrakhan / Moscow
  • Saudi Arabia: Riyadh / Jeddah
  • Senegal: Dakar
  • South Africa: Pretoria
  • Republic of Srilanka: Colombo
  • Switzerland: Bern
  • Sudan: Khartoum
  • Sweden: Stockholm
  • Syria: Damascus
  • Tajikistan: Dushanbe
  • Thailand: Bangkok
  • Tunis: Tunisia
  • Turkey: Ankara / Istanbul / Erzurum
  • Turkmenistan: Mary / Ashkhabad
  • United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi
  • United Arabs Emirates: Dubai
  • Uganda: Kampala
  • Ukraine: Kiev
  • United Kingdom: London
  • Uruguay: Monte Video or Mente Video
  • United States: The Pakistan interest section in Washington D.C
  • Uzbekistan: Tashkent
  • Vatican: Vatican
  • Venezuela: Caracas
  • Vietnam: Hanoi
  • Yemen: Sana’a
  • Yugoslavia: Beograd
  • Zimbabwe: Harare


The travelers can collect their visa in any of the mentioned embassies based on the places that they live or have enough time to collect the visa. There may be no embassy in some smaller countries.

How Iranians Wear

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May 10th, 2009
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Perhaps the most visible mark of Iran’s Islamic leanings is the conservative dress expected of its citizens. Although normal, Western style clothing is acceptable in private homes, when in public women are required to cover everything but their face, hands and feet.
The most common uniform consists of a head scarf (roo-sari, روسری) to conceal the head and neck, a formless, knee-length coat known as a roo-poosh (روپوش) and a long dress or pair of pants. In and around holy sites, you will be expected to dress even more modestly in a chādor, a full-length swathe of black cloth designed to cloak everything but your face from view.
The dress code can be daunting during your preparation, but roo-saris, roo-pooshes and chādors can be bought cheaply in Iran. Watch or ask friendly Iranian women for guidance and marvel at how young women are pushing the boundaries of modesty with colorful head scarves that cover only a fraction of their hair and figure-hugging roo-pooshes that reveal every curve of their bodies.
Men have a slightly easier time of things. Short-sleeved shirts and t-shirts are acceptable for daily wear. Shorts and three-quarter length pants are only acceptable on the beach.

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