About Shiraz

About Shiraz:

Shiraz, the nice historical city of Iran, is one of the main cities in Iran; it is the capital of Fars Province in the south west of Iran and has a moderate climate. It can be said that 99 % of the tourists do like to travel to Shiraz. Its fame is strengthened by the name of Persepolis. Some tourists think that Persepolis is a city near Shiraz, but you can learn of it more in http://www.eternaliran.com/category/iran-cities-attractions/shiraz-attractions/

The people of Shiraz are famous for their hospitality although I believe that it is not just the Shirazi people, but all the people of Iran like the tourists a lot. If you ask the travelers who have been to Iran as a backpacker or joined a group, they may have faced lots of invitations from the Iranian sides.

Shiraz is called the third main city of Iran after Tehran and Isfahan and many people believe that it is a very good city for living because it is not as big as Tehran while it is a modern city. The people of Shiraz are easy going and are fond of going to picnic even if the time is short and the nature place is so small. The green place makes them refresh and they gather together almost outside the city, sit on a small blanket, eat cookie, fruit, tea and seeds and talk about daily affairs, life high expenses, politics, cinema, the present series or films and their actors and actresses. One of the main characteristics of Iranians is saying something back of somebody else; it is more widespread among the Iranian women.

Shiraz is a nice city with less traffic in comparison to Tehran, but it does not mean that driving is easy in Shiraz. Some of its streets have always heavy traffic because of the underground railway project which has been under the construction for about 10 years. I think it has made the appearance of the city bad, but we should welcome the modern technology.

The most important highlighted site is Persepolis which is close to Shiraz. The tombs of poets Hafiz and Saadi are nice to see. Do not miss the Zandiyeh Complex, old Vakil bazaar. It is said that Shiraz is the third place for the Imams’ Mausoleum in Iran because of Shahe Cheraq Shrine, of course it is said by the government, but I think it is much cultural and historical than religious city. You can judge it yourself!

You can see Shahe  Cheraq from outside.

Nasirol Molk Mosque is also called Pink mosque because …. It is better to see it first.

Zinatol Molk House Narenjestan Palace, Erma botany Garden, Afif Abad Garden,Jahan Nama Garden,  Khajou Kermani, and are among the other highlighted places to see when you travel to Shiraz.

Pasargadae is about 2 hours’ driving far from Shiraz and it may be too pressed to be visited by Persepolis, Naqshe Rostam and Naqshe Rajab which are located close to each other.

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