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There are many beautiful parks all around the city.

Jamshidieh Park (or Jamshidieh Stone Garden), established in memorial of Jamshid Davallu Qajar, a Qajar Prince that dedicated this garden to Farah Diba, Empress of Iran. The park, which is located in the Niavaran district at the base of the Kolakchal Mountain, is one of the most picturesque and beautiful parks in Tehran. There are numerous restaurants, traditional teahouses (houses of culture which represent the diversity of Iran’s ethnic and tribal heritage), picnic areas, and hiking trails from the lower area of the park all the way up to the top of the mountain.
There is also a classically designed open air amphitheatre. The park was developed during the Pahlavi era, but has been extensively upgraded and maintained since the Iranian Revolution. It is especially popular amongst the youth.

Jamshidiyehp Park,Tehran,IranJamshidiyeh Park2,Tehran,IranStone Park,Tehran,IranTehran Park, Iran

Darband is a beautiful mountain resort in the mountains surrounding Tehran. A great place to cool down for those escaping the summer heat and Tehran’s pollution. Darband Mountain up skirt, a place for people of Tehran to spend their time in a cool environment by the river & nature
The initial start of the trail at Darband is about 250 meters long and is dotted with a number of small caf├ęs and restaurants. These are quite popular and are busy in the evenings, as locals and tourists alike visit the many hookah lounges (locally called ghavekhane sonnati) along the trail. On the way to the trail, there are stores that sell seasonal treats (fresh almonds, berries, etc)
Darband1, Tehran, IranDarband2, Tehran, IranDarband 3, Tehran, IranDarband 4, Tehran, Iran
Darake is an area in the north-eastern part of Tehran which consists of a village and numerous trails into the mountains above. The trails are what draw the crowds, though for various reasons. They lead into the mountains and all along the trail are fast moving streams and waterfalls created by thousands of years of melting snow, making its way down to the base of the mountains to where Tehran lies.
The trail is extremely popular among Tehranis, especially younger ones. Along the trail are several chaikhanes (tea houses) where one can rest, sit on a rope bed, and sip some piping hot tea. What to eat with your tea? Well, besides a number of common Iranian nibbles one will find an abundance of shahtoot, or mulberries. The shahtoot are large, plump and delicious. You will of course eat them using your fingers, turning your fingertips a shade of purple. When you have had enough of hiking you can stop just about anywhere along the trail, position yourself on had enough of hiking you can stop just about anywhere along the trail, position yourself on some of the large rocks that lie beside the stream and dip your feet into the ice cold water. It is extremely cold water but exhilarating.
It is best to start out for Darake early in the morning, before the sun rises too high in the sky. If you go early and on a Friday (everyone’s day off), you will find that you are not alone. You will see hundreds of Tehranis taking a break from city life and will doubtless get a chance to meet and speak to many of them.

Darakeh 1, Tehran, IranDarakeh 2, Tehran, IranDarakeh 3, Tehran, IranDarakeh Mountain Climbing, Tehran, Iran

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